Well Water Testing-Advantages 

Many residents who are new to the area have only ever had municipal water at their homes. They may not be acquainted with well water and what steps need to be taken in order to ensure the water they are drinking is healthy and safe. Unlike municipal water sources, which are regulated. Environmental Protection Agency, private wells are the responsibility of homeowners. That means the city and state will not test private water sources for harmful bacteria or contaminants. It is recommended that well owners have their water tested at least once every year and also after significant flooding, to ensure their water is safe for drinking.Browse Well Water Testing.

The most common bacteria that well owners need to be concerned with is total coliform bacteria and e-coli. Coliform bacteria live in soil, on on vegetation. E-coli is coliform bacteria found in animal feces. Most coliform bacteria do not cause illness, but can represent a breach in the water system. E-coli bacteria, can often cause disease. In addition to these forms of bacteria’s water testing can reveal iron and sulfur bacteria, nitrates, pesticides, lead, PCB’s and many other contaminants – all which may be harmful if ingested.

So what if your private well tests positive for coliform? The first order or business is to have your well shocked or chlorinated, which will kill existing bacteria within the water and in the pipes in the home. Many plumbers or water treatment specialists can perform well shocking for you.

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