Law Office of Lawrence J Coogan-A Guide

If your marriage has virtually ended and you are seriously thinking about seeking a divorce, finding a good divorce lawyer is probably on your mind. This is very typical because almost all of us know how marriages start but we usually do not have a lot of experiences with how marriages end. For this very reason, you will find that a decent divorce lawyer is a very important component of a non-stressful and successful divorce. This is because divorce lawyers are well aware of the ropes and the hurdles, and have handled many cases very similar to yours in their past experience.Click hereĀ Law Office of Lawrence J Coogan

A good divorce lawyer will help you legally claim and fight for what is rightfully yours after your years of marriage, and they can also represent you so that you are advised of your rights, sometimes right you did not even know you had in this situation.

Your divorce lawyer also plays a very important part in representing you because they will act as a middle ground or intermediary between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Surely you can understand the importance of this aspect of it because the lawyer can talk and discuss things rationally and objectively without having the tons of emotion involved as you and your spouse will clearly have during the proceedings. It is very important to keep things as calm as possible during this very stressful time, and that is one of the great benefits that a divorce lawyer can bring to the table on your behalf.

Whether you and your spouse are fighting and arguing over simple things, like who gets the kitchen table and chair, or whether your divorce is much more complex with multiple homes, multiple cars, and several children, a divorce lawyer can keep track of the progress and the logistics, all the while watching out for your best interests as well as legally countering anything that your spouse’s lawyer might be throwing out there. Remember, the divorce lawyer has your best interests at heart.

If your lawyer is able to get all parties to agree on the division of assets before the case gets to divorce court, it can also help you because the case will go to court much more quickly. In today’s over burdened legal system, some couples have had to wait many months to even get in front of a judge to finalize their divorce. Allowing your lawyer to get everything worked out ahead of time will accelerate your case just that much more quickly so that you can get on with your life.

There is another important aspect that a good divorce lawyer will present you with, and you need to prepare yourself for this question. That question is whether or not you really want a divorce, or did this come out of a big argument or misunderstanding. That is not really as stupid a question as it may sound, since there are a lot of couples who show up in divorce court who decide NOT to proceed with the divorce when they are actually standing there in front of the judge. Should you stay in the marriage, or is your marriage really too far gone to be salvaged, even if both you and your spouse go to marriage counseling sessions? Do both of you want the divorce? This is something you need to think long and hard about before you get too far down this path.

The bottom line is to be sure of what you want to do, then go with what you think is right. Although “do it yourself” kits may be available, you are significantly further ahead to use the services of a divorce lawyer to make sure that you get all that you deserve and you do not end up holding the short end of the stick.

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