Guide To Designer Baby Bags

One of the great benefits of being a new mom is that you get to go shopping for more designer purses and handbags, only this time you have a perfectly good reason. Designer baby bags are so totally awesome that celebrity stars like Shannon Elizabeth and Paula Abdul have been detected wearing them even though they don’t have any babies to match. Not only that, but you really should buy two. It would even be better if you buy three designer diaper bags because that way, you wear the one that is most appropriate for the job and keep them all in better care.

Designer Baby Bags for the Everyday Mom

For generic, everyday designer diaper bags, Nest has an excellent one for new moms that keeps you looking smart and fresh while being functional enough to handle the general everyday needs of you and baby. Their Canvas tan bag with patent leather trim has a zippered bottom compartment that’s great for holding a changing pad, extra diapers, anything larger that you wanted easy access to, and not clog up the main interior of the bag. Special zippered pockets in the roomy interior and 2 bottle holding compartments are great basics. The interior cleans really easily and one of the best features is the adaptable straps for the stroller so that you can take the weight off your back.¬† One of the added pluses about Nest Designer Diaper bags is that they are totally green conscious and use organic materials.¬†click site

Designer Baby Bags for the Sporting Mom

Storksak, loved by Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and quite a few celebrities, has a fabulous designer diaper backpack. Storksak’s Claire comes in delectable ivory and tomato red, black, and navy patent leather. This is the bag that either Mom or Dad can carry on long jaunts, walking around the block, or on the trails. The straps convert to a regular satchel or can be hung from a stroller so that it has the greatest flexibility of most of the designer diaper bags that you will find. With thermo-insulated zip pockets that will keep baby’s food hot or cold for 5 hours, you can safely step outside, look great, and have everything you need for baby for hours including a changing pad and your make-up bag. Storksak specializes in eliminating any need to carry another bag.

Designer Baby bags for the Elegant Mom

Anything Jennifer Lopez wears looks stunning. She favors designer diaper bags from Mia Bossi so when you need to turn heads or blend into fashionable wealth, choose a Mia Bossi. Mia will take you to the country club and into the evening with her shimmering Maria Frost designer baby bags. If you insist, you can also order the computer insert, but why not leave business at home and go play. With a machine wash changing pad, removable and washable lining, cell, key chain and baby wipe holder, the only thing left that you could possibly desire is adjustable straps for the stroller, and it has that too!

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