An Overview Of Deep Cleaning And Root Scaling In Linwood

For many people, deep cleaning your teeth is something that’s done after a few missed dental check-ups or after eating a particularly messy and sticky meal. Deep cleaning is a procedure done by your dentist or hygienist to treat periodontal and gum disease and is usually done when a person has not had any regular professional cleaning done every six months.Do you want to learn more? Visit Deep Cleaning and Root Scaling in Linwood.

Why Get Deep Cleaning?

Once you get to your dental appointment, the dentist will use a probe to measure the area around your teeth. This will check for any pocketing between the gum and tooth where bacteria will form. The depth of the gum tissue is called a pocket once it reaches a measurement of at least 5 millimeters. In this case, you will be recommended for deep scaling and root planing. It is recommended that adults get a periodontal evaluation (which includes measuring pocket depth) every year to see if additional treatment is necessary.

How is Deep Cleaning Done?

Deep cleaning is also called scaling and root planing. In scaling, the plaque and tartar from the teeth surface is removed, including those in the pocket area between the gums and teeth. This procedure is done through manual scaling jobs or ultrasonic instruments. Root planing, on the other hand, uses a scaling instrument to remove plaque and tartar from the root surface. This whole procedure requires at least two dental visits. Another follow-up visit might be needed to ensure that you teeth and gums are healthier and that there is no more pocket depth.

Deep Cleaning After-Care

Following a deep cleaning procedure, the bacteria in teeth pockets should be removed and the gums should be healthier after a few weeks, given that you are practicing good oral hygiene every day. It is best that you use an optimal cleaning toothpaste recommended by your dentist. If additional mouth rinse is needed, your dentist might prescribe an antibacterial mouthwash to reduce bacteria in your mouth. If deep scaling is not enough to treat periodontal disease, you might need to schedule a visit with a periodontist.

Our teeth are a big part of ourselves, greatly affecting our confidence and self-esteem. Ensuring that you have regular visits to your dentist or hygienist, along with daily brushing and flossing, will ensure that your teeth are healthy and clean. Visit a reputable dentist in your area now to learn more about deep cleaning and its benefits.

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