All About Search Engine Optimization Ranking

Search engine optimization to achieve ranking is generally understood as a low-cost, useful tool for marketing online. There are, of course, potential risks involved with SEO and understanding them will help you determine which approach or approaches work best for your business. Look, if you put four internet marketers together and ask them about SEO, you are likely to get four opinions. My own inclination is to opt for the most conservative strategy, one that is proven effective, before I make any attempt to adopt new strategies. Part of this approach means I must stay absolutely current and while this sounds like a contradiction, staying current is the more conservative approach to SEO.local client takeover

Let’s explore some of the drawbacks to search engine optimization and what you can do about them.

Expertise and Risk

While not complicated, doing SEO wrong can cost you in many ways. If search engine spiders detect inappropriate optimization, SEO that violates their guidelines, then your site will be penalized and perhaps even blacklisted by the search engine. If this happens it is unlikely you will overcome the penalty. If you do not have the expertise to do SEO yourself, it often pays to seek the help of professionals in the field. If you do choose an SEO company take a look at their past performance especially their record of high ranking sites over time.

Black Hat Versus White Hat SEO

Black hat SEO is a quite risky game. Black hat SEO seeks to exploit a loophole that they find in the search engine algorithm with the hope that their activity will not be discovered. The risk of black hat SEO is that web sites and webmasters are banned by search engines because of the abuse or misuse of certain techniques. Many black hat cheaters believe that over-stuffing keywords and posting irrelevant content can work for them over the long term. Cheating, however, never pays in the long run. Using black hat SEO you are playing a dangerous game waiting for search engine spiders to crawl your site only to find the extent of cheating and render your site useless.

White hat SEO is optimization that stays within the rules promising you long term visibility and maintaining a good reputation. Your target customers can better relate to you if you follow the guidelines and rules given by search engines to boost rankings. In some cases it may take some time before you score high on search results pages, but the wait and experience will be worth it. White hat optimization may, if your keyword research is done well and you choose high volume and low competition keywords, produce very fast results.

Some of the Common Risks

Reward and workload are not necessarily correlated. SEO is not without its heavy workload, especially in the beginning. Because white hat SEO takes time to produce results, the work you must do may not feel commensurate with the results. While not really a risk, it may feel like you are expending more effort than you are seeing return and quit just before the payoff. Think of it this way: if you are running a 100 yard dash and you stop at 95 yards, the distance you actually ran is wasted. If, on the other hand, you run the same 100 yard dash but you envision the finish line at 120 yards you’ll be assured that you won’t quit too early, you’ll still be running at the finish line even if you want to quit. The risk here is that you stop just before you see the real fruits of your labor.

Part of the problem here lies in the fact that, if this is your first time attempting SEO, you really don’t know what the outcome looks like. Oh sure, you can read all about it, listen to the experience of others, but until you do it yourself, you’ll never know what it actually looks like. That’s why it is important to do the work yourself when you are starting out. Go through it a few times, begin to understand the pitfalls and establish a system that works for you. Once you understand the process fully you’ll know how to avoid the risks and rapidly achieve search engine optimization rankings.

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